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Growth Strategies in Bakery
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With the competitive environment in the global bakery market becoming increasingly intense, no company can afford to ignore emerging growth potential. Our report, Growth Strategies in Bakery, enables you to identify a wide range of opportunities in a variety of countries, categories, channels and formats. The driving forces behind these opportunities lie with intensifying competition and increasingly demanding consumers driving a rapidly rising level and pace of innovation. At the same time, changing lifestyles, new distribution channels and progress in science and technology are forcing industry participants to consider a more complex set of factors to ensure the success of new product development.

Growth Strategies in Bakery analyses the development of the key trends in new product development, highlighting future opportunities for differentiation through innovation, and identifying emerging opportunities in the global market. Growth Strategies in Bakery has been designed to provide you with the information and analysis you need to compete effectively in a changing marketplace:

  • Understand how changing consumer lifestyles are driving new demands for bakery products and how these will impact on the key industry trends.
  • Learn how NPD trends in packaging, format, positioning and content are developing and successful brand criteria for the next five years.
  • Identify fast growth areas for sales of bakery products in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.
  • Quantify emerging categories, such as cereal bars, and their potential impact on both developed and emerging bakery markets.

    ISBN 1-84296-247-7
    Published: March 2000 - Global.

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  • 17 APRIL 2014
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